Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi says he is having a problem with people being rude to staff members in his offices.

The Republican says he "would like to think it's not Wyoming people" who are being confrontational, later adding "I'm pretty sure it's not."

He says the problem consists of "people coming into some of my offices and standing toe-to-toe with some of my staff and chewing them out and calling them names" before suggesting what Enzi ought to be doing.

He says being rude to his office staffers is not the way to get things done.

He adds that in Washington D.C. people are "jamming up the phone lines and the internet, and everything else. That's intentional. It keeps us from getting the good information from Wyoming."

Enzi made the remarks Friday in a speech to the Wyoming Senate.

He also reminisced about his time in the legislature and told lawmakers he is "amazed at what you are doing." He called the Wyoming legislature "my training ground," noting he had served in the Wyoming House with current Senate President Eli Bebout and several other current lawmakers.

He added state legislators are welcome to contact him at any time, adding "your opinion weighs just a little bit higher because you have actually been elected to do a job."

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