Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Murray says Wyoming's rural nature and the fact residents know each other help reduce the odds of election fraud.

He says in visiting with other election officials from across the country it's not all that unusual to hear about organized attempts to effect the outcome of an election.

But even though it's rare here, Murray says his office takes such allegations very seriously. Murray says his office is currently looking into a couple of possible cases of voter fraud. He declined to provide any details as the cases remain under investigation.

He says such things are almost unheard of in the Cowboy State, in part because election judges at polling places quite often recognize the voters and know them well. He likens voting in Wyoming to ''going to a pie social where you all know each other". He adds "we have very few of those kind of problems".

The oversight of elections is one of the major duties of the Wyoming Secretary of State's office, and he says eliminating technical glitches with voting, such as malfunctioning voting machines, usually tends to be a bigger issue than attempts at voter fraud


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