A big majority of people answering an online Townsquare Media of Cheyenne poll over the weekend agree with Secretary of State Ed Murray's decision not to release detailed voter information to a federal commission set up to study election fraud.

Murray said honoring the request for information, which included such things as the last four digits of Social Security numbers and birthdays, would have violated state law. President Trump had asked states to release the information to the commission to fight future voter fraud.

The poll was not a scientific sampling, but rather a survey of those who chose to answer regardless of demographics. Respondents were asked whether the state should have released the information to the federal commission.

No--The information is personal and releasing it is a violation of privacy-69.84 percent

Yes--The information is needed to fight fraud, as President Trump says-25.4 percent.

The balance of the survey respondents checked either "other" or "I don't know."




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