Have you had the wonderful experience of traveling through the new round-about at 19th Street, Converse and East Pershing? It is, bar-none, the most confusing mass of mess I have ever seen in any city.

Maybe it's because there are orange cones everywhere, and if you go through this thing at night with their reflectors shining brightly in your headlights and everyone elses, too. It's like navigating the world's most complicated maze in the midst of a Christmas light storm.

This amazing mess is complicated even more during rain storms and reminds me of navigating old lagging roads in the Snowy Range in a four wheel drive. Oh, did I mention you may well need one, too, as most regular street level automobiles will surely destruct and be swallowed up by all the water filled chuck holes better described as caverns.

Well, I guess this is what our City Council calls progress, and perhaps, in today's world they are right. There assumption that if they keep us lost and dizzy from going round and round long enough will lead us to appreciate their decision making ability, however, is seriously flawed.

Oh, and by the way, East Pershing Blvd. will be closed all night tonight so that the crews can make all of this even more confusing for us when it reopens in the morning.