Do you remember going to Cheyenne's drive-ins?

The Motor-Vu and the Starlight Drive-Ins were both popular here in Cheyenne but are no longer around, this weekend the Ft. Collins' drive-in opens for the season.

Cheyenne used to have two drive-in theaters. The Motor-Vu Drive-In on Omaha Road which is now a church, and the Starlight Drive-In along South Greeley Highway which is now several businesses. In Laramie, the Skyline Drive-In was the place to be. It was fun enjoying a nice Front Range evening with that speaker hanging on your car.

You and your family can relive those days with a short drive to Fort Collins. The Holiday Twin Drive-In opens this weekend. The speakers are gone, you now listen with your car's sound system, but they have two screens and each are showing double-features to open the season:

  • Dumbo and Captian Marvel on screen 1
  • Hellboy and Cold Pursuit on screen 2

The Drive-In will be open for the season on Fridays and Saturdays. Movies start at sunset.

This will be the first season that the Holiday Twin will operate without longtime owner, and champion, Wes Webb.

Webb owned of the Holiday Twin Drive-In since 1979. He passed away February 10, 2019 at age 87.

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