Ed Yourdon, Getty Images
Ed Yourdon, Getty Images

The Uinta County Sheriff's Office is warning people about a phony parcel scam that will run up your credit card bills, usually without giving you anything in return.

According to a post on the Uinta County Law Enforcement Services Facebook page, the scam targets people by notifying them of a supposed parcel that has been received int he last few months but discovered only recently.

The intended victim is directed to click on a link to assume ownership of the parcel. the link promises whatever the alleged parcel is free of charge, but people do have to provide credit card information.

By accepting the offer and providing the information, people are opening themselves up to future credit card charges for which they will most likely receive nothing in return.

Anyone who receives such a message is being told to delete it immediately, and absolutely under no circumstances should they open the text or click on the link.

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