Cheyenne Police say someone posing as a Cheyenne Police Officer is calling people and trying to get them to reveal personal information.

That is according to a post on the CPD Facebook page.

The caller is claiming to be Officer ''Vincent Frank."

The scam features a spoofed phone number that shows up on caller ID as being that of the Cheyenne Police Department. That is a common tactic of modern-day phone scammers, and just because a number shows up on your caller ID doesn't always mean that is where the call is coming from.

You can verify the identity of a police officer or deputy, please contact our dispatch center at (307) 637-6525.

Scams featuring fake police officers or deputies are also common these days. On May 30, the CPD posted the following:

''We have received several reports of a phone scam where the caller impersonates CPD Lt. Joel Hickerson. During the call, the scammer tells people they have a warrant and requests payment using a gift card(s). These calls are not in any way affiliated with the Cheyenne Police Department.''

The phony warrant scam is especially common across the country. No U.S. police department, sheriff's office, or federal law enforcement agency will ever ask people to pay legitimate fines using gift cards. The same is true of the court system in this country. Being asked to pay a fine that way is a huge red flag and virtually guarantees that you are dealing with a scammer.

Likewise, you should never give out personal financial information over the phone unless you are absolutely certain of who you are speaking with.

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