Cheyenne Police Department
Cheyenne Police Department

An online survey answered by over 700 people found poor driving skills to be the biggest traffic problem in Cheyenne, followed by people running red lights and motorists using cell phones while driving.

The survey, posted on the Townsquare Media of Cheyenne websites between Friday, Oct. 26 and Wed. Oct. 31 was answered by 728 people. Since such surveys are not weighted to match local demographics and can be answered by anyone, they are not considered to be scientific polls.

When asked to name Cheyenne's biggest traffic issue, 24 percent of survey respondents chose ''People who are just bad drivers" as their choice. That was followed by ''People who run red lights,'' which was chosen by 17 percent of respondents and ''Motorists using cell phones" at 15 percent. Another 13 percent of respondents said speeding was the biggest problem.

Several other choices, ranging from construction projects that interfere with traffic to a lack of parking to unduly low-speed limits were chosen by single-digit percentages of those responding.

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