The annual time change is coming up again on Sunday.

The notion that we should change our clocks twice a year has become increasingly controversial in recent years.

Supporters of doing away with the change argue that it needlessly disrupts people's lives and that it's an outdated concept. They say the idea that it saves energy is no longer true in an age of computers and air conditioning. Many supporters of getting rid of the time changes argue that the only real reason that the tradition continues is because "we've always done it this way.'' And they say mindless adherence to tradition should not dictate how we live our lives from now on,

Adherents of doing away with the annual tradition point to numerous studies saying that accidents and heart attacks peak when the clocks change.

But even with increasing criticism from its opponents, the tradition still has its supporters. They argue that it is good for agriculture and say that without the annual tradition, school kids would be going to school in the dark for part of the year. Some claim that it "helps farmers" and that they like the extra hours of nice weather it offers in the summer and the chance to sleep in a little bit in the winter. And yes, some supporters simply say that we have "always done it that way" and that getting rid of it would disrupt people's lives.

So how do you feel about it? Do you hate changing the clocks twice a year? Or do you love it? And why?

Take our poll and give us your opinion!

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