A Wyoming Legislative Committee last week voted in favor of bringing a bill before the  2020 legislature to make Interstate 80 a toll road.

Supporters of the proposal say the money is needed to maintain highway infrastructure and that a toll is a good way to make non-residents share the cost of maintaining the interstate. One toll supporter, Sen. Micheal Von Flatern (R-Gillette, said earlier this year that the interstate was often closed during the 2019 legislative session.

Opponents say the state should consider other options.

Because the bill has yet to be finalized it's not clear at his point whether the toll would be imposed on all motorists or simply those from out of state. Some proposals in the past would have exempted Wyoming passenger vehicles from paying the toll.

So, understanding that the specifics of the bill have yet to be hashed out, do you support the general concept of making I-80 a toll road? We'll publish the results of our poll on Monday, August 26.

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