In his "Mayoral Minute" column for April 2, Cheyenne Mayor Patrick Collins seemed to support the idea of making streets in the Cheyenne Avenues area one way on an alternating basis.

In response to a suggestion from a Cheyenne resident in that regard, the mayor wrote 'I love the idea. I will bring this idea to staff and look at the ramifications of your suggestion. I appreciate your innovative solution to this long-standing problem. I will share what staff comes up with in this column when they are finished.''

The suggestion was put forward specifically only in regard to the avenues, where narrow streets often are not wide enough to accommodate two cars traveling in opposite directions.

But the idea made us wonder if more one-way streets, in general, might not be a good idea. Would an increase in one-way traffic in the city make things go a little more quickly and smoothly? It would certainly seem likely to reduce the number of head-on accidents.

Or do you think it would just confuse motorists and cause more problems? Perhaps especially during Cheyenne Frontier Days?

Take our poll and give us your opinion.

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