Most larger stores these days offer shoppers the option of checking themselves out or using a traditional human cashier.

In some cases, such as Walmart, the self-checkout stations are now the primary way that customers pay for purchases. While many other retail outlets still offer human cashiers collecting payments the traditional way, there does seem to be a trend towards self-checkout, especially in larger retail outlets.

Both systems have their supporters among the shopping public, according to posts on social media.

People who like traditional cashers say it shouldn't be the customer's job to ring up sales. They also like interacting with a real human being and say automated checkouts take jobs away from people. Some folks also maintain that automated checkout machines are prone to errors and can be difficult to use.

Proponents of human cashiers on social media sometimes argue that shoppers should get a discount for checking their own items out since stores have traditionally had to pay someone to do that.

For people who dislike waiting in line, annoyances like customers gumming up traffic to socialize at length with cashiers are also mostly eliminated with self-checkout.

So which do you prefer? Or does it even matter?

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