A Wyoming woman is dead following a rear-end collision northeast of Cheyenne, the Wyoming Highway Patrol says.

The collision happened around 10:34 p.m. on Wednesday, June 5 at milepost 26 on U.S. 85, about two miles northeast of Lodgepole Creek.

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According to a fatality crash summary released Monday, June 17, a Ford F-150 was northbound with a trailer in tow, when 71-year-old Rosalind Berry, who was also headed north in a Chevrolet Tahoe, collided with the trailer.

"This caused the trailer to become detached and exit the roadway to the right," the summary reads.

The Patrol says the pickup slid off the left side of the highway and up an embankment, then rolled one-half time onto its roof down the embankment, and the SUV rolled off the right side of the highway over the trailer.

Berry was not wearing her seat belt and died from her injuries.

The pickup driver and a passenger were not injured in the crash.

Speed, Driver Inattention Possibly to Blame for Fatal Crash

The summary lists speed and driver inattention as possible contributing factors.

Berry is the 33rd reported person to die on Wyoming's highways so far this year.

According to her obituary, Berry, of Cheyenne, was a teacher for 31 years and excelled in various hobbies and interests such as rodeo, creek fishing, fly fishing, golfing, bowling, and yoga.

Rosalind Berry Obituary

"Despite facing challenges towards the end of her life due to an Alzheimer's diagnosis, Rosalind remained resilient and continued to inspire others with her grace and strength," her obituary reads.

"She took immense pride in many accomplishments throughout her life, but considered raising her daughter Hadley, alongside her former husband, Dave Berry, as her greatest blessing."

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