Fireworks stands in Laramie County won't be sponsoring ​a safe shoot site near College Drive and Interstate 25 this year.

Pyro City Manager Ben Laws says "circumstances out of their control" were the reason for the decision, but he declined to elaborate any further.

"It was usually just a group of five or six of them that would participate yearly and put this on," said Laramie County Fire Warden Matt Butler. "They had the okay to use that property in years past and so I'm not sure why exactly they're not putting it on this year."

​Butler says city residents can still shoot off fireworks in the county, they just need to get permission from the landowner before doing so.

"I would just ask everyone to be as safe as possible," said Butler. "So have the water ready (and) have a cleared space where you're igniting them or discharging them."

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