The National Football League has sometimes been a little slow to change policies, but when it comes to changing policies in the name of potentially making more money, they tend to be a little more expeditious.

Last week, the NFL announced that they would be changing their equipment rules and allowing teams to use a throwback helmet in the future.

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NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy tweeted out the news on Thursday to the delight of many fans.

The main reason according to the league for being abrasive to this idea over the last few seasons was safety as they were concerned the switch in helmets would cause safety issues for players.

Research has shown that not to be the case and now the NFL is moving forward with this new policy.

This is going to create numerous new apparel opportunities, marketing campaigns and more for all the NFL teams.

Some of the more intriguing helmets we may see will come from organizations like New England and Tampa Bay.

For more information on this move from the NFL, team rosters and upcoming schedules for all teams in the league, you can visit the league's website.

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