It seems that Taylor Swift is everywhere these days.

She's probably the most popular musical artist in the country right now.

She sells out concerts in hours. She's all over television and social media, and not just on the typical entertainment websites and broadcasts.

Her romance with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has pushed her into the sports spotlight. If you watch a Chiefs game, the odds are good that you will see Taylor cheering on her boyfriend and his team numerous times. She even turns up on ESPN and the NFL Network, not exactly the venues that normally give a lot of coverage to young pop music stars. And she doesn't get just a quick mention either. She's a real topic of discussion.

Her romance with Kelce, one of the league's all-time great tight ends, has no doubt increased her standing with Chiefs fans.

Her devoted fan base, known as ''Swifties," are fiercely loyal, often bristling at any suggestion that she is less than the greatest entertainer of the 21st century. For many of these folks, the idea of too much Taylor Swift coverage is an alien concept.

But Not Everyone Is A fan

Needless to say, not everyone is thrilled with the seemingly wall-to-wall Taylor Swift coverage.

Many football purists resent what they feel is a needless interruption of coverage of the sport they love. They are focused on the game, and some resent what they see as an intrusion.

While some fans certainly don't have a problem with her sports coverage, others do.

Then there is the political angle. Swift is not a fan of former President Donald Trump and seems to favor Democrats. Just this week Rolling Stone magazine published an article claiming some Trump allies have pledged a "Holy War'' against Swift. There is a fear that in a close election, Taylor Swift's endorsement might prove critical in the 2024 presidential race.

As of yet, Swift has not endorsed a candidate for president in 2024. But she has a lot of fans and many of them vote.

Then, of course, some are not fans of her music. Rocker Ted Nugent was quoted in several reports, including one on as saying she plays "cartoon music."

And finally, some may not especially dislike Swift but are simply tired of constantly hearing about her.

So what do you think? Are you tired of the Taylor Swift media frenzy? Or do you think it's a good thing, a ray of sunshine know these troubled times?

Take our poll and give us your opinion!

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