Keeping her campaign promise to "fight the blight" in Cheyenne, Mayor Marian Orr has formed a task force to tackle the city's abandoned buildings problem.

"Throughout my campaign I said I would announce the members of my 'Fight the Blight' task force on day one," said Orr.

The seven-member task force, which consists of real estate, development and legal professionals, will be charged with putting together recommendations to deal with abandoned homes and commercial buildings which lead to safety hazards in the community.

"These citizens not only possess great knowledge in their individual professions, but they care deeply about our community and want to fix this problem," said Orr. "I'm looking forward to meeting with them as a group to put together goals and courses of action."

Members of the task force include:

  • Chairperson Julie Gliem, President, Cheyenne Landlords Association
  • Dominic Valdez, Realtor, Remax
  • Corey Loghry, Owner, Lynn Buys Houses
  • Steve Borin, Developer, Borin Land Company
  • Jeff White, City Councilmember, Downtown Development Authority Building Revitalization Coalition
  • Larry Wolfe, Attorney
  • Emmett Leisher, Code Enforcement Office, City of Cheyenne

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