Cheyenne Mayor-elect Marion Orr says she plans to announce a special "fight the blight" task force to work on improving the city's appearence, especially in regard to dilapidated or abandoned buildings that are considered eyesores.

Orr says she plans to formally announce the task force "on day one" of her term as mayor. She says the task force will include local residents from the development community, the real estate industry, and lawyers.

She says the group will "take a look at some of the properties in our community that need direct attention."

Orr says city attorney-designate Sylvia Hackl, a former Wyoming Public Defender whom Orr named on Friday as her choice for the position, will specifically play an active role in the task force on she assumes her duties. Hackl as well as other appointments will need approval from the Cheyenne City Council before assuming office.

Orr made the "eyesore" issue of run-down properties and abandoned buildings one of the cornerstones of her mayoral campaign.

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