Wyoming Representative Nathan Winters [R-Big Horn, Park, Fremont and Hot Springs counties] says he is running for Wyoming Auditor to serve the people of Wyoming.

Winters, who is pastor of a church in Thermopolis, He says he is "motivated to serve other people," both as a clergyman and as a state legislator, adding public service would also be his motivation for serving as state auditor if he is elected.

Winters says that while people may think of the State Auditor as a ''bean counter," the truth is "we've only had one CPA" in that position. He says the Auditor is really more of a "comptroller for the state." Winters says he sees the position as more visionary. 'You are a vision-caster, you're a leader," Winters says.

He also notes the Auditor is one of five statewide elected officials with a position on the State Lands and Investments [SLIB] board and other state boards. Winters says he first became interested in the Auditors office as a result of Senate File 104, a deeply controversial 2013 Wyoming law that would have taken most of the oversight duties of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction and given them to an appointed head fo the state Department of Education.

The bill was signed into law by Governor Matt Mead but was later struck down by the Wyoming Supreme Court. You can see the full interview Winters recently did with Glenn Woods on KGAB radio in Cheyenne in the above video.

The position of State Auditor is currently held by Republican Cynthia Cloud, who has not publically announced whether she plans to run again.

Kristi Racines, the Chief Financial Officer for the Wyoming Supreme Court Office of Court Administration, is planning to formally announce this weekend that she will be running for Auditor as well, according to a release from her campaign.


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