A 27-year-old Cheyenne man is facing a felony charge after police reportedly caught him with dozens of fentanyl pills and drug paraphernalia.

According to a booking sheet, police were called to the intersection of East 19th Street and Russell Avenue at 10:40 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 10, for a physical altercation.

They arrived to find signs of an accident but no vehicles.

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Police say Nathan Christopher Mejia was walking near the scene, but when they contacted him to gain potential information, his story didn't match up, leading them to believe he may have been involved in the physical altercation.

Police say Mejia provided them with a false name and date of birth and said he falsely identified himself due to potentially having a county warrant. He also reportedly provided an additional false name.

Mejia then reportedly told officers that he would provide the names of the suspects in the vehicle if they would let him leave.

Police say when they went to place Mejia in investigative detention and handcuff him, he began resisting arrest by tensing up his arms and trying to pull away.

Mejia was subsequently arrested for interference with a peace officer and searched, and reportedly had 61 fentanyl pills on him along with drug paraphernalia consistent with fentanyl use.

Mejia was taken to the Laramie County Detention Center where he reportedly began making suicidal statements and was placed on suicide watch.

He was later charged with felony possession of fentanyl and misdemeanor interference with a peace officer.

Mejia made his initial appearance in Laramie County Circuit Court on Wednesday morning, during which his bond was set at $3,000 cash and his preliminary hearing was scheduled for Feb. 22 at 3 p.m.

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