We all know what Josh Allen brings to the table as a quarterback. The former Wyoming Cowboys phenom, now in the NFL with the Buffalo Bills is among the best in the league at his position. But don't ever be surprised just how good he can be with his fans, or how good they can be with each other.

Last Sunday, the Buffalo Bills beat down the Washington Football Team in a 43-21 blowout at Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park, NY. After the game, two young Bills fans by the names of Joey Miller and Landon Armbruster, 10 and 11 years old respectively, waited patiently in a parking lot for the players. The very last player to come out of the parking lot was the quarterback, Josh Allen.

Allen happens to be Landon Armbruster's favorite player in the NFL. Justin's dad said that Landon was 'hyperventilating with excitement'. As Josh Allen drove by, he handed the hat he was wearing out his driver-side window to Joey Miller. Then, without hesitation, Miller did something amazing for his friend. Check out the video below.

Miller gave the hat to Armbruster and people can't stop watching the sweet gesture on the internet.

Armbruster told WGRZ in Buffalo, NY:

It felt great. Going from seeing Josh Allen give the hat to somebody else and then getting it, it was awesome. It felt really cool because he's my favorite player and it's just cool to have his hat.

Miller said how Josh Allen is Armbruster's role model. Miller and Armbruster play little league football together in Jersey Shore, PA, where they first met and have since become the best of friends since the start of their season just over a month ago.

The video of Armbruster receiving the hat from his best friend, Miller, after taking the handoff from Allen has since gone viral and made for a day the two best friends won't soon forget.

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