Josh Allen

Josh Allen Has Become the Odds On Favorite to Win NFL MVP
Just last NFL season, Josh Allen put together the best of his first three years in the league and finished in the top three in the NFL MVP race. During Sunday night's display against the mighty Kansas City Chiefs, the former Wyoming Cowboys quarterback went off and showed why he currently is at the top of the list of MVP candidates in the NFL
MUST SEE: Josh Allen Gives Hat to Fan, Watch What Happens Next!
We all know what Josh Allen brings to the table as a quarterback. The former Wyoming Cowboys phenom, now in the NFL with the Buffalo Bills is among the best in the league at his position. But don't ever be surprised just how good he can be with his fans, or how good they can be with each other.
LOOK: Josh Allen Makes the Cover of the Latest Sports Illustrated
The former Wyoming Cowboys quarterback phenom has been making waves at the start of the NFL season. First, Josh Allen and his favorite all-pro wide receiver, Stefon Diggs, been named the top quarterback/wide receiver combo to enter the NFL season, then Allen has the top-selling NFL jersey in the NFL to start this year's campaign, and now, Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs grace the cover of the latest issue of 'Sports Illustrated'.
The Buffalo Bills Are Basically a Wyoming Cowboys Alumni Team
What happens when a University of Wyoming player is done with their collegiate career? Well, if they're good enough to get into the NFL, it seems that they automatically wind up on the Buffalo Bills, which is a pretty awesome thing these days. The Buffalo Bills are slowly but surely turning into a Wyoming Cowboys alumni team.

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