Joblessness and under-employment, depressed real estate values, stubbornly high gas prices, crushing federal debt and a market that’s freaking out… Where do we go from here?!

With an impressive background in finance during his service in the Marine Corps and his success in the private sector, financial advisor, entreprenuer and author, Ted McLyman, has a response that might surprise you: Even with all the economic chaos happening around us, the first step to restoring our own personal “money sanity” is to look within ourselves.

McLyman will be our guest today at 7:07AM MDT on The Morning Zone with Dave Chaffin, and with the release of his new book, Money Makes Me Crazy: a Prescription for Money Sanity, McLyman turns the topic of finance and personal money management on its head by examining the one undeniable factor your typical economic analyst never even considers—the human mind.

“The truth is,” explains McLyman, “the emotional human is not wired for the unemotional numbers-concept of money. What kept us alive in the hunting and gathering days of primitive man can kill us at the mall. Until we understand that money choices are always emotional, and we understand our own ‘money temperament’ as individuals, we won’t have an effective strategy for financial success.”

As a guest on your show, McLyman will present a finance perspective your audience truly has never heard before—but one that so reasonably shifts the focus of money problem solving from the money itself to the human psyche responsible for handling it, the discussion will hit your audience like a game-changing revelation.

He’ll elaborate on why, “Money success is about managing behavior, not picking the ‘right’ products and services,” and use this point as a primer for explaining the Money Behavior System™ we should all come to learn.

At 7:37, Gary Kreep, Attorney / President and Executive Director of the United States Justice Foundation / Co-founder and president of Justice Political Action Committee will be with us. He says, “Look, if they want to call us birthers, that’s fine. But I consider myself a constitutionalist. I believe the United States Constitution needs to be upheld and is worth fighting for, which is why I’ve spent the better part of the last two years working this case.”

Cheyenne Police Chief Brian Kozak will be with us live in the studio at 8:07 with his monthly update on police issues in the City. We'll 5talk with him about the recent article on alcohol being the chief culprit in the majority of crimes and other important issues.

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