In June 2015, an army of miller moths launched an all-out war on Townsquare Media in Cheyenne, knocking 101.9 KING FM off the air for eight hours.

In the three years following the attack, the loathsome creeps have pretty much flown under the radar, but now they're back wreaking havoc on my coworkers and I.

Last (Friday) night, while several of my colleagues were attending Denim & Diamonds -- a fundraiser for Cheyenne Regional Medical Center -- the moths decided it was "Miller Time" and invited themselves to dinner.

Jaimel Blajszczak, Townsquare Media
Jaimel Blajszczak, Townsquare Media

After livin' it up at the Little America Hotel, the miller moths decided to crash at my place.

The dusty fliers thought it would be funny to bug me while I was trying to sleep and finally, after being dive-bombed for the umpteenth time, I snapped.

I armed myself with a nightlight and an old Cool Whip container full of soapy water and declared war.

While I didn't kill all of my enemies, I'm happy to report 17 of them couldn't swim to save their lives -- even though a few made valiant efforts.

Joy Greenwald, Townsquare Media

Fortunately, the pesky pests haven't knocked us off the air this year -- not yet anyway -- but like annoying mother-in-laws, they need to move out.