Cheyenne Police Department spokesman Officer Kevin Malatesta says heroin is growing in popularity in the capital city, but methamphetamine is still the drug of choice.

"We're seeing an increase in (opiates), but it's still methamphetamine that accounts for the majority of our drug investigations," he said.

While some contend that Cheyenne police only target pot users, Malatesta says they're not seeing a "huge increase" in marijuana citations.

"We've had very steady numbers over the last three years," said Malatesta. "It's been consistent."

"Typically, if we're arresting for marijuana there's something else going on," he added. "It's not just a misdemeanor marijuana ticket or a misdemeanor marijuana case that's going to result in an arrest by itself."

"So if we're arresting someone for meth there's a high likelihood that they've got marijuana on their person as well, so they're getting that ticket for marijuana in addition to being arrested for meth, whatever else is going on."


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