Cheyenne Mayor Marian OrrMayor Marian Orr says now is not the time to make a change at the helm of Wyoming's largest city as she runs for another term in office.

Orr, who was elected as the city's first-ever female mayor in 2016, called into the ''Weekend in Wyoming" program on Saturday on AM 650, KGAB. Her interview on the program followed interviews earlier this year with both of her rivals in the 2016 mayoral race, Patrick Collins and Rick Coppinger.

The three will square off on Tuesday in Wyoming's Primary Election, with the top two finishers advancing to the Nov. 3 General Election.

In her Saturday interview, Orr said that unlike her two opponents, the voters know what they are getting with her. She said some of her accomplishments include improving the appearance of the city through her "fight the blight" program as well as improving the transparency of city government, among many other achievements

She said of her administration that we have a ''great team in place" that will continue to move the city forward if she wins a second term. She said an example of her efforts to improve the transparency of city government has been the posting of city council meetings on Facebook Live. She also noted that people can now go online and track all city spending to find out exactly how their tax dollars are being used. The mayor also pointed to infrastructure work during her administration, adding ''we continue to work on the roads."

She added ''I can tell future candidates, never promise to fix the roads. There is never going to be enough money with our current revenue stream."

You can hear the entire ''Weekend in Wyoming" interview with Mayor Orr in the audio attached to this article.

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