Long-time Cheyenne businessman and former city councilman Patrick Collins is stressing leadership and economic development as he runs for Mayor of the city.

Collins has owned the Bicycle Station for 28 years.

He also served for 12 years on the Cheyenne City Council. Collins is running again Rick Coppinger and incumbent Mayor Marian Orr lead Cheyenne starting in January of next year.

The top two finishers from among those three candidates in the August Primary Election will advance to the November General Election ballot. Municipal elections in Wyoming are non-partisan, meaning candidates do not affiliate with a political party such as the Republicans or the Democrats.

In an interview on the ''Weekend in Wyoming" program on KGAB AM 650 on Saturday, Collins said of his candidacy ''I love Cheyenne, but I think Cheyenne could do a lot better." He says that even before the coronavirus pandemic, he was emphasizing leadership and economic development as themes in his mayor run.

But he says since the pandemic hit, those themes have taken on even more importance. He said of city government ''There is just no way that an organization thrives when there is dysfunction in the management."

Collins went on to say that as a former city council member, he has a lot of respect for the members of the council. He said that if elected mayor, he would work hard to maintain a good relationship with the city council. When asked if he thought the current relationship between the mayor of Cheyenne and city council is dysfunctional, Collins said 'yes."

You can here the entire Patrick Collins interview from Saturday in the audio attached to this article.

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