A 41-year-old Chico, California man is facing a felony charge following an apparent road rage incident south of Cheyenne.

According to arrest records, a Wyoming Highway Patrol trooper was called to the Port of Entry at milepost 6 on Interstate 25 on Sunday, July 2, after a male reportedly pulled a knife on another male.

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The trooper says the suspect, Geoffrey Scott, was visibly upset and had a pocketknife on him.

The trooper confiscated the knife, placed Scott in the caged portion of his patrol car, and interviewed the alleged victim, identified by his Oklahoma driver's license as C.B.

C.B. reportedly told the trooper that there had previously been a "road rage" incident on I-25 south of the Port between the two parties.

When C.B. arrived at the Port, he reportedly told employees about the incident, but when he exited the building to leave, Scott allegedly confronted C.B. near his semi, pulled a pocketknife on him, and threatened to kill him.

At some point, Scott reportedly put the knife back in his pocket and the two "squared up" as if they were going to fight, but no assault occurred.

The two then reportedly went into the Port where they were separated by employees, and Scott continued to verbally threaten to kill C.B.

The trooper said an independent witness told him that he saw Scott pull the knife on C.B., and a Port supervisor remotely accessed the security video, which also showed Scott pull the knife on C.B.

The trooper said after his arrest, Scott said something to the effect of, aggravated assault is better than murder because it came close to that. Scott also reportedly said that he came close to stabbing C.B.

Scott was charged Monday with aggravated assault. His bond was set at $5,000 at 10% and his preliminary hearing was scheduled for July 13 at 1:30 p.m.

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