The annual fundraiser, Magic City's Festival of Trees, is taking you on a virtual tour for 2020 and will kickoff next Friday, November 27th at noon and go through Saturday, December 5th at 9 p.m.

The fundraiser's virtual tour set to kick off on 'Black Friday' will act as an online auction of Christmas trees that have been meticulously custom-designed and decorated with plenty of festive beauty to bask in. There have also been several other items to bid on throughout the auction that have been donated by individuals and businesses throughout the local Cheyenne community.

Magic City has been 'supporting individuals with disabilities to live successfully' since 1971 and are certainly a more than worth cause to help raise funds for this holiday season. Making this year's fundraiser virtual can not only help the 'Festival of Trees' be safe, but even more inclusive as well, given that items can be bid on throughout the auction with the simple click of a mouse.

While you're at home staying safe and wanting to do a bit of Black Friday shopping, make sure you do part of it through Magic City's Festival of Trees, and remember, the fundraiser only starts that day. It still goes on until the following first Saturday of December.

To participate in Magic City's Festival of Trees, you can visit Magic City's website, You can also link directly to the virtual online auction platform at the link provided here. It's certainly a great time of the year to make a bid in the Festival of Trees for the upcoming Magic City fundraiser!

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