Wyoming Republican Senator Cynthia Lummis said Tuesday morning that the real motivation behind a voting bill backed by Democrats was to make sure "Democrats never lose another election."

Democrats dispute that opinion, saying the motivation behind the "For The People Act" is to guarantee free and fair access to the polls for all American voters in the face of what they say are Republican attempts to restrict voting access and suppress voter turnout, especially among minority groups who tend to vote for Democratic.

But Lummis, appearing on the ''Wake Up Wyoming" radio program on Tuesday, told host Glenn Woods that the real narrative behind the legislation is to make it easier to commit voter fraud. ''This is one of the worst policies you can imagine," Lummis said. She added that it would "gut popular voter state ID laws," which Lummis said are supported by most Americans, ''including 59 percent of Black voters."

Lummis went on to say that even though Democrats have been told that many of their states have stricter voting laws than Georgia [which has passed Republican-backed voter legislation that many Democrats says is restrictive and racist] "they are undaunted." The legislation was widely expected to be defeated on Tuesday in the U.S. Senate, with Democrats admitting that they lacked the votes to pass the legislation. The voting bill was just one of a number of topics that Lummis discussed with Woods during the interview.

You can hear the entire interview, which also touched on digital currency and a number of other topics, in the video below.

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