A dog and his owner are together again after the lost pup was found running through traffic on Interstate 80 east of Cheyenne.

Animal Control Supervisor Officer Elizabeth Wagner says her department was notified about the dog around 11:43 a.m. Saturday after a concerned individual spotted the blue heeler standing in the median near the Port of Entry and called it in.

"The reporting party stated the dog looked like it was thinking about crossing the interstate," Wagner said Monday in a press release.

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Wagner says as Officer Teasley was headed to the call, Officer Nguyen recalled seeing a missing dog post on the Cheyenne Animal Shelter Lost & Found Facebook page.

"The post disclosed there was a Blue Heeler (named Rip) that had gone missing by Sapp Bros 15 hours prior and was last seen by Railroad Road," said Wagner.

"Nguyen immediately contacted the creator of the post and informed them of the report in case it was the same Blue Heeler that had been missing," she added.

As it turns out, it was the same blue heeler, and after running from officers and a close call with a lumber truck, Rip was safely retrieved by his owner.

"Animal Control would like to thank the concerned individual for making the report, the Cheyenne Animal Shelter for creating the Cheyenne Animal Shelter Lost & Found group on Facebook, the owner's friend for creating the missing dog post on their behalf, and the lumber truck driver for braking for good ole Rip," said Wagner.


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