Many of you may have owned a Ford Mustang or some style or another. But now the auto maker is giving you another chance at purchasing the 64 1/2 all over again.  There is a Florida start-up called Revology, who are getting ready to set out a clone of the 64 1/2 classic - Ford Mustang.

The car is fully licensed and the body style was replicated by a company called Dynacorn. There are some differences between the 1964 classic and this model. The new model will be enhanced with LED lights, and no key hole on the passenger's side, hidden locks, power seats and a power antenna.

The engine is not a 1964 original either. Rather, it's a remanufactured 1990's style 302 V8 supplied by the Ford Motor Company as this is the same size as the original 289 V8 and is a perfect fit with no modifications.

Will it cost the same? Not even close. Back in the day, a 1964 1/2 Mustang would have cost you right around $2,368. Today, you can score a new Mustang Fastback for around $119,500.00 and a power top convertible will cost you right around $122,000.00.

Save up your money now, as deliveries of the new Mustang will begin next year.