If you have been driving in Cheyenne past the intersection at Lincolnway and Converse in the past several months, you have most certainly noticed something new was coming to the southwest corner of that intersection. And as time went on, you probably noticed that it is a Culver's location that was going to open up. And now, just in time for the weather to actually feel like Spring, the new location is open and looks pretty amazing!

Given the new Culver's is brand new, of course it looks as about as impeccable as you can imagine, both inside and out. What's even more impressive is how spacious everything seems with it. From the parking lot to the double drive-thru lanes to the roomy feel on the inside, everything about it seems that much bigger.

The menu remains the traditional Culver's menu, of course. And judging from the Culver's Bacon Deluxe with Fries that I had there, those tasted just as you would expect a burger and fries to taste from Culver's. So let's have a look at the new spot...

Cheyenne's 2nd Culver's Location

The new location officially opened today (Monday, April 4th) and is in the new spot where Poor Richards restaurant used to be. The new location opens at 10 a.m. daily.

Of course, the other Cheyenne location at 1239 Dell Range Blvd remains open. But you can't go wrong having more options for a burger, frozen custard, or a shake in Cheyenne so be sure to drop by the new location to see some of the features of the new spot.

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