Below is a list of candidates who have filed for the office of Mayor of Cheyenne and the Cheyenne City Council as of 5 p.m. on Tuesday, May, 19, according to the Cheyenne City Clerk's Office.

Candidates have until May 29 to file for the August primary election.

The two top finishers for each open seat in the August Primary Election will advance to the November General Election. Two city council seats are open in each of the city's three wards. Municipal elections are non-partisan, meaning candidates do not run as members of any political party and are not nominated by a political party.

All of the elections are for four-year terms. Incumbent officeholders are listed in italics.


-Marian J. Orr

-Rick Coppinger

-Patrick Collins

WARD 1 City Council

-Jeff White

-Miguel Reyes

Ward II City Council

-Bryan Cook

WARD III City Council

-Rocky Case

-Mike Luna

Michelle Aldrich


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