The most common cause of snoring is weight gain. With the weight comes extra fatty tissue around the throat. When you fall asleep you relax and that fat begins to wobble as air passes by. Other reasons for snoring are enlarged tonsils, large adenoids, and long soft palates to name a few.

Snoring has actually caused couples to get divorced. You can imagine those who want to stop snoring have invented some rather strange devices.

Just follow these links to see some weird anti-snoring inventions. 

But that can't be as bad as this other head strap that looks like it would strangle a person in their sleep. Dear lord it looks like she's wearing a jock strap.

How about a battery powered buzzer that you stick to your forehead. It will shock you awake when you start snoring.

While sticking something small up my nose looks a lot more completable, I'm sure it will fall out, if I don't sneeze it out first.

THIS IS THE BEST IDEA EVER! - Here is a man who turned is CPAP device into a scene from the movie aliens. I just hope his wife has a sense of humor about it.

I guess an idea I prefer would be those beds that tilt up. There is even one now that automatically tilts up when it hears snoring. That's far less invasive, though I bet it's not cheep.

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