Thanks to a variance from the Cheyenne-Laramie County Health Department, more high school wrestling and basketball fans will be allowed at regionals, Laramie County School District 1 said Wednesday.

LCSD1 Assistant Superintendent of Support Operations Dave Bartlett says the variance increases gym capacity to 30 percent, allowing for 432 spectators at Central High School and 721 at Storey Gym.

"Our goal is to safely utilize LCSD1 facilities as host sites for regional basketball and wrestling competitions and allow the public access that would not have otherwise been available," Bartlett said in a news release.

Bartlett says regional wrestling will take place this Friday, Feb. 19, at Storey Gym, and regional basketball will take place on March 4 and 6, with games being played at Central High School and Storey Gym.

He says players will have four presale tickets available for family, and cheer and home team pep band members will have two presale basketball tickets.

"Remaining tickets will be offered for presale to the public," said Barlett. "Walk-up spectators will be directed to a single point of sale and spectator numbers will be monitored."

Bartlett says mask wearing will be strictly enforced and social distancing protocols will be followed.

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