To make up for last month's snow days, Laramie County School District 1 high schools will start classes 15 minutes earlier and limit students to 30 minutes for lunch beginning Monday, April 12, and continuing throughout the school year.

LCSD1 Assistant Superintendent of Instruction Dr. Tracey Kinney says the change will not affect elementary and junior high schedules due to the number of instructional contact hours required by Wyoming statute -- 450 at kindergarten, 900 at elementary, 1,050 at junior high and 1,100 at senior high.

"LCSD1’s alternative schedule is being submitted to the State Board of Education on Thursday, April 22, for approval," Kinney said in a news release. "However, to garner enough minutes to make up for the snow days, this change needed to occur sooner."

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Kinney says high school graduations will still occur at Frontier Park May 26-28 and the last day of school will remain on Thursday, June 3.

"If more snow days occur, they will be made up by adding days to the school year," she said.

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