School Building Projects

The Senate Appropriations Committee is putting the brakes on some K-12 school building projects in the state. The panel unanimously advanced House Bill 42 to the floor of the full Senate for further debate but not until it voted to delay four projects. Members of the committee objected to the projects appearing on the design and construction list without appearing to go through the initial planning step under the established process.

Alternative Schools

The Senate has passed a House bill that would lift the current moratorium on alternative schools in the state. Senator Bill Landen (SD-27) says the bill specifies what the school districts need to do in order to operate an alternative school.

Local Government Funding

Laramie Senator Chris Rothfuss (SD-9) said he is pleased that the funding formula for local governments in the budget compromise has been returned to the governor's recommendation. This means Albany County will not lose out on funding.

Veterans and Military Members Visit the Capitol

Thursday was the annual veteran and military event at the Wyoming legislature. Maj. Gen. Luke Reiner, Wyoming's Adjutant General, said it is important for lawmakers and the military to meet and talk with each other.

Medicaid Expansion

A joint conference committee adopted a measure Thursday afternoon that says state government officials can take up to a year to determine whether an agreement can be reached with the federal government to expand Medicaid on the state's terms.