You may have noticed when you woke up Monday morning (August 31st), it was quite brisk outside for being late summer. We're lucky enough that we just had to deal with some wind in southeast Wyoming. But other regions of the state weren't so lucky.

According to Oil City News, some snow accumulation took place along Wyo 22 over Teton Pass as below-freezing temperatures are expected for most of the northwestern portion of Wyoming overnight into Tuesday morning.

Not really sure why a weather service in Maine decided to rub it in that we're getting snow, but so be it. At least we don't have bad New England accents here although that's probably not a proper trade off. The point is that we're not even out of summer and we're seeing white stuff.

But let's be thankful that this week, we're still expecting highs in the 70s and 80s in the forecast. Even the potential for 90s on Saturday. However, in the extended forecast, lows for next week are in the 40s and even down into the 30s. It's almost fall, so keep your jacket handy, Cheyenne!

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