People buying things in Laramie County will be spending a little less over the next few months.

That's because the county's sixth penny sales tax has expired, according to County Clerk Debra Lee. The sixth penny tax can be used under Wyoming law to pay for various projects approved by county voters. Once the money needed for the tax is collected, the tax expires.

Lee says money needed to pay for the most recent projects, which were approved by voters in 2012, has now been collected, and the tax expired on April 1. That means businesses in the county are only collecting a five cent sales tax on every dollar they take in on business transactions.

But that could change in a few months if local voters approve any of the projects proposed for funding in a May 2 special election. A total of just under $118 million in projects proposed for sixth-penny sales tax funding will go before voters, and if any of those proposed are approved Lee says the collection of the sixth-penny sales tax will start again in Laramie County on October 1.

Early voting on the 2017 sixth-penny ballot has been underway since March 23. Lee said Thursday that through the first 10 days of early voting 840 people had cast ballots.

People can vote in the Atrium of the Laramie County Governmental Complex between 8:30 a.m. and 4:45 p.m. Monday through Friday through May 1.

Voters can also request a ballot by calling 633-4242 or by emailing a request to

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