Tuesday's primary election drew about 52 percent of Laramie County's voters to the polls, a "decent showing" according to County Clerk Debra Lee.

Lee says unofficial results indicate that 19,365 ballots were cast.

"As an election administrator you always wish it was more," said Lee. "Sixty-three percent of registered voters turned out in 2014, which was the last election of this nature. In 2010, however, that turnout was only 45 percent."

Lee says some folks were a little confused by the nature of a partisan primary.

"The unaffiliated only had choices of City Council on their ballot and some folks didn't know that you could change parties to participate," said Lee. "Others just, when they found out they didn't have much on the ballot, they didn't participate."

While any number of factors, such as nasty weather, can affect voter turnout, Lee expects to see good numbers for the Nov. 6 general election.

"There are a lot of important races on the ballot," said Lee. "And some folks I talked to said, 'Oh, I never vote in the primary, I just vote in the general.'"

The county canvassing board will meet on Friday to certify the election results.

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