An automatic recount of the tally on one of the propositions on Tuesday's sixth-penny sales tax ballot caused a change of one vote in the final outcome.

Proposition I, which allocates $18 million for more court space for a fourth district court judge and for a new municipal court, lost 1 vote after the recount on Wednesday. That leaves it winning approval by 102 votes, although the election results won't be certified as "official" until later today (May 4).

The automatic recount was triggered under state law by the fact the margin in the election was less than 1 percent. With proposition one narrowly winning approval, that means seven of the 9 propositions were approved by voters, although several of the margins were extremely close.

Laramie County Clerk Debra Lee says just under 34 percent of eligible voters turned out for the Tuesday special election. that is unusually low for Laramie County.

By comparison, 64 percent of voters cast ballots in August of 2012, the last time the county held a sixth-penny sales tax vote.

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