Laramie County has published a three-phase COVID-19 recovery plan on the Laramie County Government Facebook page.

In keeping with Governor Mark Gordon's statements about state recovery efforts, the plan is data-driven and does not refer to specific dates, but rather metrics based on statewide and local coronavirus data provided by the Wyoming Department of Health and the Cheyenne-Laramie County Health Department.

The data will focus on overall disease and testing data as well as available hospital capacity, including Intensive Care Unit Capacity. Laramie county data will include such things as the incidence of new cases, the number of people who have recovered, and several others.

Moving into each of the three phases will require community COVID-19 metrics to remain stable or improve for at least 14 days. Even though some restrictions were recently loosened statewide, Laramie County still has not entered Phase One of the plan, according to the document.

According to the document, Phase One of the recovery plan will still require employers to exercise extreme caution, with employees working remotely if possible.

Phase 2 will ask employers to encourage flexible working arrangements, including such things as-again--working remotely and rotating shifts. Increased cleaning of "high touch" areas and the monitoring of employees for symptoms and well-being will also be part of phase two.

The eventual goal of the plan is Phase Three, which the report calls the "New Normal." Under that phase, businesses are open and operating under strict cleaning standards. The monitoring of the health of the business workforce and customers will still be included in the guidelines.

The report also includes guidelines for specific industries. You can see those guidelines in the body of the report.

The first two phases of the plan will still require social distancing. The report says under Phase three, "Social Distancing may still be required."

The Laramie County Plan was devised by a planning subcommittee that includes Laramie County Health Officer Dr. Stan Hartman, Laramie County Emergency Management Director Jeanine West, Laramie County Commission Chair Gunnar Malm,  Laramie County Health Director Kathy Emmons and Cheyenne City Council President Mark Rinne

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