Laramie County Commissioner Amber Ash says county officials may have to impose fire restrictions if the area doesn't get some significant rainfall soon.

She notes the area got a lot of rain this spring, causing plants to grow more than usual. That, in turn, has been followed by a stretch of hot, dry weather that has caused the earlier plant growth to dry out.

Ash said Tuesday morning on KGAB radio that if some rain doesn't fall this week or during Cheyenne Frontier Days, either a partial or total fire ban may be imposed, depending in part on the recommendations of fire chiefs from the various fire chiefs around the county. Ash on Tuesday asked people to refrain from using fireworks because of the fire risk.

A more long-term concern is the crowds expected in the area for the August 21 solar eclipse, especially if more hot, dry weather continues to increase the fire danger. Fire restrictions are already in place in some parts of the state, including neighboring Albany County.



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