UPDATE: Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has narrowly edged Senator Bernie Sanders by winning 51 percent of the votes in the Laramie County Democratic Caucus on Saturday. The narrow win means Hillary Clinton will get 26 of the county's delegates to the state convention versus 25 from the county for Senator Sanders.


Several hundred Laramie County Democrats caucused on Saturday to choose 51 delegates for the state party convention next month.

The local caucus was held in conjunction with Democratic party caucuses in each of the state's 23 counties, with delegates selected on Saturday scheduled to meet at the Wyoming Democratic Party Convention May 28 at Little America in Cheyenne.

Supporters of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders are hoping to continue his recent string of victories against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and supporters of both candidates appeared to be well-represented at the Laramie County caucus on Saturday at Central High School.

Wyoming Republicans have already held their county caucuses, and will hold their statewide convention next week in Casper.

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