Extreme fire danger has prompted Laramie County officials to impose a full burn ban.

Laramie County Fire Warden Matt Butler told Laramie County Commissioners Tuesday that "conditions are prime right now for a large-scale grass fire" in the county.

"We have grasses that are two to four feet in length drying out quickly," said Butler. "Although we're seeing sporadic rain, it's not enough to keep those grasses moist."

Butler says all outdoor fires, including the use of a charcoal or gas grill and the burning of trash, are strictly prohibited.

"There's no burning outside whatsoever," said Butler. "If you're within the city limits I'd refer to Cheyenne Fire and call them and ask them."

The city of Cheyenne is allowing usage of outdoor grills within city limits, according to Cheyenne Fire and Rescue. 

Butler says "it's hard to say at this point" how long the ban may be in effect.

"It really depends on how August treats us," said Butler. "Last year there were quite a few fires in the county in September and so that's always a concern."

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