I had a great opportunity to visit with Central High School Honor Student Katie Moncrief and Principal Dr. Steve Newton in the KGAB Mornings' studio today. 

I wanted to feature local, outstanding students on the program, and Mr. Newton was nice enough to make that happen. Graduation is a big event for these youngsters that have left their mark at their local school here in Cheyenne, as they get ready to move on to their next destination in life--whatever that might be.

For Katie Moncrief, that decision is continuing studies at the University of Wyoming. With a 4.0 grade point average, she acquired a full scholarship. But it wasn't just any scholarship she received. Katie was one of two students to receive the very distinguished and highly coveted Trustees' Scholars Award from the University of Wyoming. This award is for a limited amount of kids from Wyoming who are recognized for their high end achievements and academic activity.

Katie also started and lead a charity program at the high school for underprivileged children called The Clothes Closet. This program received donations from other students and Katie pioneered the program, organized it and managed it.

According to Mr. Newton, "This was an idea that Katie brought to us. We weren't doing it at all until she came up with the idea. The very genesis of the idea was Katie's and not only did she have a great idea, but she was the one, and the only one, who brought it to fruition and our kids who most need help are being served better because of Katie."

She has also been involved as Student Body President, Student Senate, National Honor Society and numerous sports like soccer and cross country. Katie values character in leadership. She's learned a lot at Central High School and was able to build upon what she already had. She plans to study biology and get a degree in Ophthalmology.

So from all of the crew at KGAB Mornings and myself, we wish you the best Katie, and may you continue the great work and example as you move on to college.