Do you or someone you know have a child fighting cancer? Lisa Eades, founder and chairman of Jason's Friends can totally relate.

Jason's Friends Foundation was started and inspired by the life of Jason William Eades
(April 7, 1986 - November 11, 1995) who died of brain stem tumor. Upon hearing the news, the family went to Denver, only to find that there was no hope for their little boy. They flew to New York and stayed about one month as Jason received radiation there two times a day.

The MRI showed that the tumor was gone, but a few months later, the family found their self back in the Big Apple for more procedures. This time the tumor was bigger than the first. On November 11, 1995, the cancer had taken the life of Jason.

Jason's Friends Foundation is an exceptional program that offers much needed help to Wyoming families through these tough times. There are other organizations that will house and help families as their children are getting treatment in local hospitals around the nation. However, Jason's Friend's Foundation goes above and beyond the surface and provides help with rent, food, bereavement, and other services.

For more information and how you can benefit or be a part of the solution, call Lisa Eades at 307-2353421 today.

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