Ah yes, we are going into pumpkin month. From Pumpkin Spiced Latte to any pumpkin desserts, and well, pumpkin for Halloween, it definitely is pumpkin month.
The Wyoming Territorial Prison State Historic Site will be hosting its Kids' Pumpkin Walk next week. There will be so many fun things going on! There will be pumpkins, of course. They are the star of the show. There will also be treats, games, and food trucks.
Sadly, this event is only for those 12 years old and under. Boo, I can't go? But the fun news is, children must be accompanied by an adult. So, maybe you can use your little siblings as a reason to go!
Costumes are optional, but wouldn't it be the cutest thing if you do show up in your costumes? It's like Halloween came a few weeks too early.

The event

  • Day: Saturday, October 8
  • Time: 12 - 4 p.m.
  • Location: Wyoming Territorial Prison State Historic Site (975 Snowy Range Rd)

Volunteers Needed

In order for the event to be successful, they need all hands on deck! They are looking for volunteers to help work the event.
Volunteers work from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm.
Click on the link below to volunteer! Lunch and snacks are provided if you volunteer!

The History

Outlaws, violent and desperate men (as well as women) plagued the Wyoming Territory. As settlers moved into the area they demanded law and order. The clash between Outlaws and Lawmen resulted in the building of the Territorial Prison. The Auburn Prison System was adopted to manage the prison population. Under this system convicts were sentenced to hard labor, required to be silent at all times, wear black and white striped uniforms, and their identities removed by replacing their names with numbers.


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