By now in his career, J.J. Abrams is known as being a superstar in terms of Hollywood producers, directors, and writers. With several notable movies and franchises that he's either helped create or resurrect, he's had more than his fair share of success in his career. One of those movies that he wrote was even a horror movie set in the state of Wyoming. 

Obviously, with it being of the horror genre, if you're guessing, you can eliminate the Mission Impossible, Star Trek, and Star Wars franchises (and no, I don't want to hear your Star Wars opinion on what happened during his involvement with that franchise).  But this was long before any of that, even before he helped bring us the fantastic show, 'LOST'.

Buzzfeed recently made their pick for the 'Best Horror Movie That's Set In Your State'. In Wyoming, that movie is known as 'Joy Ride'. J.J. Abrams was co-writer on the 2001 horror film that starred Paul Walker (years before his tragic death), Steve Zahn, and Leelee Sobieski. In case you haven't seen the film, without spoiling anything for you, here's what Buzzfeed said about the film:

A prank leads to a nightmare. To me, this movie is a joy to watch (pun intended). A fun movie with the villain's voice being scarier than anything. It's a film that managed to make a truck scary and intimidating so hats off to J.J. Abrams.

Yep, there's a truck involved in a small Wyoming town. Imagine that. But with Halloween just around the corner, a lot of people are definitely in the mood for a good horror flick. Especially one that delves into the imagination of a younger J.J. Abrams before everyone in Hollywood knew who he was. Now you have one more suggestion to add to your horror movie/TV binge-watching list for this Halloween season. Check out the trailer for 'Joy Ride' below.

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